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It’s the right time to invest in property. The square feet rates are stable. The property prices are stable. The housing loan rates are likely to come down. What else you want!

As far as Navi Mumbai, India is concerned, investment here will give an impressive ROI. The proposed NMSEZ of Mukesh Ambani is given conditional approval by the BOA. The condition states that Mr. Mukesh Ambani will first have to border the SEZ plot (1250 hectares) and construct good roads for effective transportation around the SEZ. As far as the condition is concerned, sources say that Mr. Ambani will be more than happy to develop the roads and the adjoining area.

The booming realty sector in Navi Mumbai is also triggered by the approval of the proposed international airport. News is that the papers are already processed and that the construction work will commence immediately after the monsoons.

So it’s high time, you take your decision today. The buzz in the realty sector is, “Soon after the rainy season the property rates will fluctuate. And after the property exhibition in december the rates will again see a change.”

It is recommended that you invest in property NOW. It will not only give you amazing returns but also help you assuage the burden of taxes. Employees working in the corporate sector stand a better chance to get their housing loan approved.
It’s NOW or never. You get only one chance. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Go book your dream home TODAY!

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Jai Anand said... July 22, 2007 at 12:46 AM  

For impressive returns I would recommend you to invest in property than stocks.

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