Seat Reservations?

Personally I feel that the youth of the nation should not be divided. They are one. Together they are the force of the nation. The moment we distinguish them, we divide the strength of the country. By acknowledging reservations we are making divisions in the society. Actually we are supporting the unlawful divisions made by the so called upper caste Sahukars. Hmm…… So what do we do now? Just abolish the caste system?

However to abolish the caste system, we will have to abolish the inequalities spread in the society. To do so, we need to start working at the grass root level. It is very simple to live in an urban city and talk of abolishing the caste. Little do we know about the brutal prevalence of caste in the rural areas of the country?

Where is the youth? The government? The NGOs? When people discriminate on the basis of caste. We all know what happened to the BHOTMANGE family in Khairlanji. We also know what action was taken by the government then? Or did the government take any action?

Today caste is treated as an evil. Who knows there might have been many other brutal incidents taken place in the past in the name of caste? It’s just that they were not captured by the media.

Under the British rule, we all were one. However, after independence certain affluent sections of the society took advantage and drew the caste line for their benefit. They never knew one day they would form a weaker section or a sparsely populated section of the society. It’s payback time and hence the reservations. Honestly speaking I think it’s a vicious circle. We get back what we do in the past. Or some people may call it KARMA.

Abolish caste and DIVIDE society on the basis of financial credentials. What say?

Posted byJai Anand  


chatterbox said... June 9, 2007 at 11:53 AM  

why DIVIDE?? financial or watever the basis maybe.. reservation breeds complacency on one side and grudges on the other... !!! watsay??

Jayanand Ukey said... June 10, 2007 at 11:00 PM  

You need to understand, why reservation was introduced in this country? Talking about in terms of
"Grudges and complacency" shows that you are talking about the situation today. But do you know what had actually happened in the past that gave birth to "Reservations." Talk to the people who suffered. Go to the rural areas where it still exists.... And ask them how they feel... In spite of belonging to the reserved category they cannot exercise their right.... Anyways, I do agree that urban population is against reservation. I'm one of them.

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