WE have discussions on an everyday basis. We chat with our friends, our parents, our teachers, our mentors and our peer group members. Most times we give our opinions on national and generic issues. Be it politics, sports or other topics we like to talk about it. Even if we have little knowledge on the subject we portray ourselves as EXPERTS.

I had a similar kind of a conversation with my friend a couple of days back.

He (speaking with calm): The Gandhi family has played politics like a business house. What they have done is that they have reduced the import duties on products they prefer. Little did they had a serious thought on the needs of the common man.

She (angrily): My dear friend the Gandhi family has sacrificed their lives for the country. What are you talking about? (She raged). Sonia didn’t want o enter politics. She had avoided it for a long time. Today she has sacrificed her family for the betterment of the people. Now that she is the president of the Congress Party, you want to take the credit away from her.

He (doing the right thing; never argue with a woman when she is not on bed…just kidding): Please don’t misunderstand me. I think you are just digressing from the topic here. No doubt Sonia is doing a great job. However I would like to point out that in general when the CONGRESS was in power for 50 years there has been no tangible development in their home state, UTTAR PRADESH.

She (still angry… not wanting to agree on any front): What are you talking about? The Gandhi family has given generations for the people of this nation. They have risked their lives. They knew that they were terrorists’ targets but still they did not budge. They went ahead and continued their hard work for the country.

You see what I’m trying to say here. We all want to thrust our beliefs on others. We want to convince the other person. We would like the other person to change his perspectives on the subject. In short, we want him to think like us. But one thing we forget i.e. not everyone thinks similar. We all are blessed with a unique grey cell area called as BRAIN.

The bottom line: Respect others views on certain topics; talk sensible. While making your point, make sure you do not hurt the other person’s sentiments. Instead talk effectively. Use your words carefully.

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You have the right to exercise your own perspective

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