Marital consultation

What would you do if you find your husband or wife cheating on you?

Well, I believe that every person on earth has a life. Everyone has got an identity of its own. There is also no denying that everyone is entitled to a private space of their own. One should respect others private moments. What they do with their private space is up to them. No one has the right to question them on that front. There is no problem on earth that cannot be solved amicably. Be true to yourself. Exhibit a personality blended with candour and sincerity while in a relationship. And have a big heart.

What do you think should an ideal Mr. Right or Miss. Perfect be like?

Ah! That’s a tough one. Everyone has their own idiosyncrasies. We all have some general characteristics (GCs) common to some, which shapes our personality. However, there are other specific characteristics (SCs), which bring out our true identity. We just need to realize what suits our personality-type. Again it may vary with the kind of person you are.

Why marriage is called an institution?

Marriage is called an institution probably because the theory that we study in that institution never applies in practical life. We all divert from the larger picture and in the process overlook our small needs. Little do we realize that correcting the smaller mistakes will take us closer to the bigger goals in life?

How to understand your partner better?

There is no hard and fast rule here. We often think that the more we talk to our partner we will know him or her better. Let me remind you of an old adage, “Silence is golden.” The gestures, the expressions and the body language exhibited by your partner are more than enough to understand him or her. Talking unnecessarily will only add to your woes. If there is a need to talk in such situations, use your words carefully.

How to remain happy with your partner?

Happiness is infectious. Always exhibit a pleasant personality. Talking about the daily chores all the time will only land you in despair. Respect your partner’s feelings. Take some time out and hang out with your partner. Always smile.

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