Robotic Love – Part 1

R1 and R2 were two robots. R1 was female and R2 male. R1 was the elegant type, delicate and bronze in colour. R2 was very masculine and had a silvery blue sheath.

R2: You know what attracted me towards you.

R1: My svelte geometric figure, my tanned skin colour and my latest operating system.

R2: Nope.

R1: Then what?

R2: You are very funny.

R1: What do you mean?

R2: Please do not misunderstand me. I mean, I like when you make silly mistakes while debugging the code. It really turns me ON.

R1: Really! Oh R2, I love you.

R2: Love you too, Baby.

Suddenly the code in R2 starts debugging automatically. R1’s feeling for R2 had reached the next level. As a result, there occurred a breach in R2’s security system. New lines of code were being inserted in R2. The brain became more and more complex. And the IQ level dropped……….
to be continued……..

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